Populations Served

As an accredited comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program, Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Arlington (TRHA) is capable of caring for a wide variety of diagnoses. These include, but are not limited to stroke, brain injury, spinal cord dysfunction, medically complex, trauma, orthopedic, neurological, amputation, and debility. TRHA does not treat patients who require ventilator assistance. A determination is made by the admitting physician and admissions intake personnel, on a case-by-case basis, determine whether a patient’s illness or injury is appropriate for admission to inpatient rehab. TRHA is an inpatient setting. Patients stay overnight and have the full medical continuum available as needed. Inpatient rehabilitation is different from acute hospital care, as rehabilitation patients are more medically stable and receive 3 or more hours of therapy per day, at least 5 days per week. In some instances a patient may receive a lower level of therapy intensity daily to accommodate his/her individual needs. These patients receive 15 hours of therapy over a 7-day period. The focus of inpatient rehabilitation is wellness and achieving the highest level of independence possible to return to living in the community.